About me

 My name is Mafalda Castro, welcome to my blog!
I am 23 years old. I finished my journalism degree last year. Since then I've worked in MTV as a VJ and, righ now, I am a radio host at Mega Hits
I started blogging in 2011 with my blog- Last Time Around. It was something that changed my life. I traveled a lot, met a lot of new people and experienced some amazing opportunitys. Life hasn't been the same since I am a blogger. Last Time Around was my first blog and my first online diary.
In 2016 I decided it was the perfect time to change my direction a little bit. I wanted to show you more. I wanted to provide my readers and insight in my life. Because of that I welcome you to MAFALDACASTRO.COM
A blog made by me, for people like me and to show you everything I ever wanted to. You can expect daily inspiration, life journal and fashion...a lot of fashion and #ootd
Welcome to my world.

This is my personal space to share with you everything that makes me happy. Hope I can make you happy and inspired for a few minutes everyday.


Anonymous said...

só tens 18 anos?

Mariana said...

O teu blog e fantástico! E o teu instagram tambem, a serio es uma grande inspiração, tens um dos melhores blogs portugueses, definitivamente! <3

Unknown said...

Your goal of inspiring is working :) beautiful pictures. Love the blog!




Kotryna Bass said...

Hey hun, I'm so excited to see your blog using our theme! I'd love to help you set up social media + responsive instagram feed, to make it look even more professional! I sent you an email, but I guess you receive too many of those daily. If you could drop me a message on hello@kotrynabassdesign.com, we could get started asap ;)

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